Since July 27, 2014, the Concordia has been moored at the “Seawall” pier in the Port of Prà Voltri, Genoa, where initial ship dismantling is in progress with stripping of the interior furnishings and fittings.

The Concordia is afloat by means of a system consisting of 30 sponsons fitted to the sides of the wreck to provide buoyancy needed for refloating. There are 15 of these large metal boxes on each side of the ship. The 15 on the starboard side are fastened by means of chains and strand-jacks, namely hydraulic grips used to tighten the chains and hold the sponsons in position.

The various systems are monitored from the Remote Operations Center (ROC), a control room actually located right on the Concordia and fitted with all the control and monitoring systems for handling the ballast in the sponsons and guaranteeing vessel stability, trim and the even distribution of the forces acting on the hull. A team of engineers and technicians continuously checks these parameters thanks to sensors installed in the sponsons and to the use of video cameras.

The ship is manned and supervised 24/7 by an 11-strong team working in shifts.

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Concordia – Technical details

Length overall: 289.6 meters
Extreme breadth including sponsons: approximately 62.5 meters
Maximum draft (taking into account the chains under the keel): approximately 18 meters