With regards to the footage of the inside of the Concordia wreck published on the web and picked up by some media sources, the Ship Recycling Consortium communicates the following:

The Ship Recycling Consortium has filed a complaint with the authorities against unknown person for the evident violation of access to the wreck of the Concordia occurred in the last few days as demonstrated by the video that was posted on the web.

The Consortium Ship Recycling underlines that during the night personnel is present on board also during nighttime. Their task is to oversee the ship in terms of systems and implants management for the safety of the wreck itself.

A 24/7 security service is also organized at the “VI Modulo” pier to control the access to the area of ​​the yard on the ground.

Following this unpleasant incident, the Ship Recycling Consortium has taken action to implement security systems allocating personnel also at the breakwater of the Port of Prà Voltri where the wreck is moored, and by installing closed circuit cameras.

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